ParisCONCRET 27 November >18 December 2010

RE-DE-PODE [ree/de/pode]= revise/dethrone (denounce) /position. antipode: opposite of position, deposition, predisposed/redisposed

>>room sheet & text fr/en

Lights On
Black light (UV): Blanket fluroescent & LED spots with UV activated paint on walls.
Lights off
Natural light with apparent empty space, only artist’s name visable.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


When the lights were off/daylight the show disappears

Lights off

with Sir William Dobell, The Tired Lady, 1969 (on left, Tucker on right)

Lights on


click on photos to see actual painting 

Tucker/Left, Brack/top & Rees/btm

7 thoughts on “REDEPODE PARIS 2010

  1. … it’s truly ingenious John!

    Your canvas is suddenly everything other than the rectangular footprints taken up by would be paintings. You’re showing where painting has come as well as where its come from – all at once, and all at the flick of a switch.

    I particularly enjoyed how you’ve allowed the incidental to intrude into the ghost salon world. The effect of the street light broken by the window bars is in complete harmony with your creation.


  2. Hey John, this work is pure poetry!

    Just stumbled across this via the Galeria -El invite…really looking forward to seeing the goods. Hope it goes well.

    Cheers, Martin (Tempe)

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