Squeezing Firmament

The CLOISTERS room, Galeria EL Elblag, Poland, September 2011

approx 15 x 4.5 x 5 m

[more photos + info @]

East wall view

West wall view

East view through West walL


3 thoughts on “FIRMAMENT:5772 ELBLAG 2011

  1. A set of seven individual light paths defined by context … although directed to never meet, some have chosen to tunnel through the masonry, it seems of their own volition, rather than bounce back or somehow circumnavigate …

    Why seven I wonder, without wanting an answer.

    Watching the breadcrumbs on a monitor from the other side of the world, I’m enjoying the work’s dimensionlessness (surely that can’t be a word) – it’s at once infinite and small.

    Congratulations John! Wish I could’ve experienced it in person.

  2. A D to B C E
    the Incarnation still changed everything to 0
    by 1 sacrifice U have perfected forever
    Those who are BEING sanctified
    sacrifice and offering U have not desired
    but a Body U have prepared for Me

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